Andy Bolton Current World Record Deadlift Holder

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Andy Bolton from Leeds, England, UK created history by becoming the only person EVER to deadlift over 1000lbs. He currently holds the world record for the Deadlift at 1003 lbs / 455kg.

Andy also holds the superheavyweight squat record of 1213lbs / 550.5kg and the total record of 2807lbs / 1273kg (Arnold Classic WPO finals, March 2-4, 2007 Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Originally hailing from Dewsbury, England, Andy Bolton (36) now lives and trains out of Leeds, a few miles down the road, but still within the county of Yorkshire. This northern county is famous for producing great powerlifters and strength athletes, including former Worlds Strongest Man Jamie Reeves, a former training partner from whom Andy learned a great deal in the early days.No man has ever lifted anywhere near this, in fact the closest was Andy Boltons previous record which was 441kg that he lifted at the Arnold earlier this year.

Andy Bolton’s titles are as follows:

  • 6 times World Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champion
  • Official World Record holder in the squat (550.5kg, -1213lbs)
  • Official World Record holder in the Total (1273kg, -2806lbs)
  • Official World Record holder in the Deadlift (455kg, -1003lbs)
  • First and only man in history to cross the 1000lb barrier in the deadlift.
  • Current Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO Professional World Champion.

(Andy Bolton with his world record 1003 lbs he pulled. Along side him is :: Brian Batcheldor :: his strength coach who is CNP’s head of Research and Development and a member of our celebrated guru panel for the last 10 years. To the side standing is Dave Beattie close friend of Andy’s and top UK Powerlifter and owner of Genesis gym).

:: Andy Bolton currently holds the world record for the Deadlift at 1003 lbs / 455 kg :: by Jason Wilkinson

Andy has been a CNP sponsorded athlete for over 3 years and has each year progressed dramatically.

Andy Bolton is unofficially, the strongest athlete in history. Book a guru consultation with him and imagine beyond your wildest training and strength aspirations

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