The Truth About Anti-Aging – It’s More Than Skin Deep by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale

You can take two approaches with anti-aging. One is the superficial approach using skin care products, plastic surgery, dermabrasion and other soft surgery techniques, botox, spas, and anything else that tries to make you look younger without really changing anything else.

The second is to take a systemic approach in which you the reasons for aging and treat the whole body to deal with the causes rather than to cover them up.

The superficial approach is endemic in our society, fostered by massive companies that by using aggressive marketing and pervasive ads have made “youth is beauty” our new mantra.

However, the fact is that, except for those that medically need it, the superficial approach is mostly smoke and mirrors. Sure it may feed you ego and that in itself may help you out psychologically if you overly dependant on your looks, but it doesn’t really do anything all by itself for the real cause of your aging body and skin.

You can sand, peel, inject, apply, suction, cut and paste, and all the rest but what you’re really doing is setting yourself up for more and more of the same. That’s because regardless of what they tell you, none of it lasts. In fact almost all of the treatments increase aging by stressing out the skin so that in fact it ages faster. It just doesn’t look that way because you’re constantly covering it up one way or another.

The classic, but mistaken hype that you get from the salesmen of these products (and there are plenty of them since there’s so much money in it) is that by irritating the skin in some way, either by sanding, peeling, using lasers, injecting, or whatever, the basic response is that the tissues will increase collagen production. Sure the body will respond by producing more collagen but it also responds by increasing scarring and in fact deteriorating the collagen in the long run, more than it would have done naturally. The end result is older skin that is thinner, more scarred and more vulnerable to further damage.

After all think about how the body responds to injury. First of all it tries to heal the injured tissue but then the catabolic processes take over if the inflammatory stimulus is chronic. The chronic inflammatory response induced by many the cosmetics and processes is actually more counterproductive than it is helpful for decreasing aging because it can cause the tissues to deteriorate.

In fact one of the more credible theories of aging is based on an increased inflammatory response leading to degenerative changes in the tissues of the body. Some feel that many of the conditions that afflict us as we age, including the superficial signs of aging, are associated with inflammatory responses. Various levels of chronic inflammation are associated with all the classic diseases of old age, including Alzheimer’s and muscle weakness.

So the idea of increasing inflammation on a chronic basis to decrease the long term effects of aging is ridiculous at best.

On the other hand the use of topical emollients, fancy creams containing antioxidants, seaweed, herbs, collagen ingredients, and other compounds to decrease aging, while having some merit, isn’t much better. The point is that compounds applied topically have limited abilities to reduce skin aging. In fact, it’s unlikely that any of these products provide more than a better look and feel but with still the same old tired skin underneath.

That’s because the best way to rebuild the skin’s integrity and defenses, and decrease the effects of aging is to treat it from the inside out rather from the outside in. And perhaps using both approaches would give you the best of both worlds. Not only would your skin look and feel better but it would also be better.

Packaging the Product

However, the natural cosmetic and cosmeceutical industry would have you believe that applying their lotions, creams and sprays will fight off the ravages of time and the environment and rejuvenate your skin. For them it’s all about getting you to believe that their products will make you younger and more beautiful.

And part of that belief lies in their beautifully crafted packaging. It’s getting to the point that the packaging is one of the most important decisions they make when launching a product.

Most of the companies work hard to make a package that’s appealing to those looking to be skin deep because they know that a beautiful package can do wonders for their sales. As such, more work goes into the packaging than to the product itself. Just have a look at the visually-alluring, injection molded, beautifully crafted packages for some of the more expensive lines of anti-aging skin-care products. And there’s the names of these products. Powerful and imaginative names that are much more potent than the ingredients in their products.

:: Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale :: is one of the most influential voices on diet, performance and athletic training in the world. His innovative work in finding safe nutritional alternatives to anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs has won him praise from athletes, trainers and fitness experts around the globe. Dr. Di Pasquale was a world-class athlete for over 15 years, winning the World Championships in powerlifting in 1976 and world games in 1981.

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