Asthma and Allergies May be Related to Bottle Feeding at Bedtime by S.L. Hominuk

Bottle Fed Babies Before Bed May Lead to Asthma and Allergies – My background in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Medical Examiner and Forensics, Plastic Surgery and Naturopathic Medicine, affords me to have a broad spectrum of interest. I like to feel that I can cover something for all my clients and am pleased when I receive feedback from individuals who have benefited from my advice which is gathered from a wide variety of the healing rainbow. Consequently, when I came across this article, I felt that this may be important for many parents out there to rethink your baby’s bedtime routine if you lay him down to sleep with a bottle. Due to a new study by researchers at Harvard University which was published in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) found that infants with a family history of allergies or asthma who are bottle-fed in a bed or crib before going to sleep may face a higher risk of persistent wheezing and asthma later in childhood.

Reported lead researcher Juan Celedon, MD has discovered that “There is a significant relationship between the number of times children are bottle-fed in the crib or bed prior to sleep time and the times children are bottle-fed in the crib or bed prior to sleep time and the occurrence of wheezing during their first five years.” “For infants in a high-risk group, it was found that when and how they are fed influencs theonset of wheezing and asthma.”1

“The study followed 448 children, each of whom had at least one parent with a history of allergies or asthma, from birth to age 5. After closely monitoring the children’s dietary habits, researchers concluded that avoiding large volume liquid meals in the bed or crib before bedtime may help reduce wheezing and asthma in early childhood.”2

While this particular study did not focus on breastfeeding, AAP research shows that breast fed babies develop fewer allergies later in life than their bottle-fed brethren. For more details on nighttime bottle feeding and childhood asthma and allergies, check out :: children and allergies ::

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1American Academy of Pediatrics Abstracted from the American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Allergies and Asthma, 2005


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