I.V. Vitamin C

It is important to reemphasize that the above findings were always part of the toxin exposure situation regardless of the chemical structure of the toxin. One conclusion that can be reached from this information is simple, elegant, and very compelling: All toxins poison by oxidizing enzymes and tissues.

There is also a compelling conclusion generated by this observation and supported by the vitamin C studies found in the scientific literature: All toxic damage can be repaired by a high enough dose of antioxidants. Of course, such therapy must be given in a timely fashion, before irreversible clinical consequences have occurred in the poisoned subject. Interestingly, infectious diseases inflict their damage in essentially the same way as toxins. As virulent microbes grow inside a host, one or more of the same six findings as already listed above will reliably be observed. Basically, microbial growth is just another way to directly cause oxidative damage to the tissues most directly involved. Some of the most devastating infectious diseases also produce potent toxins that further increase the oxidative damage and stress to the infected host.

Chronic disease can be viewed as a process in which the oxidative stress proceeds at a much slower pace than is seen with acute infectious diseases and acute toxin exposures. Vigorous antioxidant therapy goes a long way in reversing the clinical manifestations of such diseases as well, as long as the dose administered supplies enough electrons on a daily basis to reverse the ongoing oxidative damage from the disease process.

Unipolar magnetic therapies probably affect electron delivery to an injured site as well. Electricity is considered the flow of electrons. Putting a magnetic field in motion will induce electricity. Electron flow would appear to be intimately involved in the physical and biological effects of magnetism. The work of Davis and Rawls (1975, 1979) established nicely that a North pole magnetic exposure decreased inflammation and pain, while suppressing microbial growth. The South pole had the opposite biological effects. One possible explanation for these findings is that a North pole magnetic field facilitates the delivery of electrons into exposed tissue, while the South pole facilitates the transport of electrons away from exposed tissue. Regardless, the proper use of the North pole of a strong biomagnet closely mimics the effects of vitamin C delivered systemically. Kulish (1999) summarizes the effects of such biomagnetic therapies nicely.

Is compromised electron flow the final common denominator in producing the symptoms and effects of most (or all) diseases, infections, and toxin exposures? Regardless of the answer, the vigorous and persistent dosing of antioxidant therapy, as discussed and researched in my new vitamin C book, appears to deliver consistently positive and dramatic clinical outcomes.

Review for yourself the incredible evidence that clearly reveals:

  • How vitamin C has been able to cure or contribute to the cure of many common infectious diseases, including some deemed incurable such as hepatitis and polio. Because of these documented effects, the use of properly dosed vitamin C within a comprehensive treatment protocol can also eliminate the need for many vaccinations and toxic prescription medicines.
  • That vitamin C is the treatment of choice for many potentially fatal toxins and other toxic medical conditions that poison the body, for which no effective treatments presently exist. This makes vitamin C the ideal treatment for many infectious diseases that also produce highly toxic poisons and the associated toxic by-products of some microbial metabolism.
  • That vitamin C is remarkably free of any side effects. Vitamin C is unquestionably the most non-toxic nutrient and supplement that is available today.
  • An enormous amount of scientific literature on vitamin C has been written over the last century. Over 1,200 medical and scientific journal articles, many from our most esteemed research centers, have been cited in this book. Don’t just accept a casual, unenlightened assessment of what vitamin C can and cannot do.


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Dr. Tom Levy is the author of several books including, “Vitamin C: Infectious Diseases and Toxins” and “Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers of Dental Care”.

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