Daniel Duchaine 1952-2000 by Shelley Hominuk

The first words that Daniel Duchaine loudly said to me were, “Big breasts, teeny waist, and wrote a :: book on steroids :: MY KIND OF WOMAN!” in front of a huge crowd of his fans back in the beginning of 1997. This was a time when Bill Phillips, Muscle Media and EAS dominated the sport supplement trade shows and Dan was their celebrity. Most of the manufacturers known today were not yet established. I cringed, turned every shade of red possible, and introduced myself as he stood there in front of my booth as people watched horrifed waiting to see if I would have a melt down. I didn’t, and the rest became history.

(Two of my best friends, Dan and Adriana with me at my QFAC booth at the Arnold Classic in 1998)

Obviously, being acquainted with Dan was never going to be a dull moment. I quickly learned that he was very outspoken and ingenuis when it came to “chemistry awareness”. I remember times when for kicks, we would take supplements and “dissect them” to see if they would meet up to the supplement facts listed on the label. If it didn’t, we would call up the manufacturer and bitch slap them over the telephone. Obviously, not something most people would do for fun but Dan always liked to be on top of things, and consequently, was world renowned for many of the staples of the dietary supplement industry as we know it today. Not to mention, the Steroid Guru himself, and on every bodybuilders “Want-to/Need-to-Know” list.

Through the years, Dan became not only a mentor, but a big brother to me and though intially stated, I was far from being his type of woman (physically that is). Everyone who knew Dan knew that he had a thing for very, very white skin, and red heads. I was blond, and back then always very, very tanned. Despite this indifference, he praised that I had more balls than any man he knew (to me, it was survival, but nevertheless) Our relationship was strictly platonic, and a hell of a lot of fun! Dan would drag me to most events as he put it “his arm candy” cause his girlfriend lived on the East coast and often couldn’t attend events with him, and my boyfriend lived in Colorado. (Yes, obviously, both my bf and his gf were ok with that, as were we close friends and we all knew each other). We also considered each other as family as both of us were alone in California, far from blood relatives.

Dan introduced me to everyone he knew, and put it this way, everyone knew him as he was a huge innovator within the industry (take a look in some history books with the start of Next Nutrition). At times, I would be able to return the favor. Dan’s first involvement in the supplement world was with protein powder, but when the introduction of :: prohormones :: became feasible, he was absolutely on fire as it was an area which had interested him most. Alright, so Dan often was the mysterious “Dharkam Greutstein”. Are you really surprised? He warned everyone to take advantage of this, as the FDA would take it off the market due to its potency of building muscle. In October of this year, his prediction finally began legislation and I know that he would be very amused that it had taken this long. I’ll let others reflect on the grandness of his impact to this industry as I have so many other fond memories.

(Dan Duchaine, Dr. Dan Gwartney and Jerry Branium hosting a “creatine” forum which we had attended outside of LA)

I didn’t know Dan before he spent a short time in prison, nor before his stroke, but I did know Dan after that. He would share many of his stories while being incarcerated which robbed him not only of time, but of his 3rd marriage. When he got out, he had to start all over again. It didn’t take him long to get back on track. Bill Phillips had him under an exclusive contact for many years as the industry grew in a record amount. Many big players at the time would try and persuade Dan to work with them, he wouldn’t. Instead, he choose to piss people off by writing for my website. Boy, did he ever! I know there are many of you still out there who will recall what I’m referring to. He absolutely loved reaking havoc. Dan turned down $2000 for every thousand word article written, and instead “Danarchy” became exclusive to QFAC.com. This along with his “Dirty Dieting Newsletter” had been posted under copyrights only at our website. Understandably, due to recent news events, these two features are currently no longer available. At this time :: Body Opus :: and the ::  The Underground Steroid Handbook II :: are the only 2 creations left of Dan’s which are available. Dan set precedent at the time to be paid such an extravagant amount of a whooping $2 per word. He was held in high regard and was in high demand and everyone who wanted to become established within the business knew that he would be their ticket to success.

Dan Duchaine behind Will Brink QFAC booth The 1998 Arnold Classic

Dan loved women. Let me rephrase that. Dan LOVED women, with the love of his life, Alison being at the top of his list. Every year at my booth at the Arnold Classic, I would bring along my usual harem of hot girlfriends along. While other booths had to hire models, my little booth rocked! I remember one of my girlfriends remaining true to her style, was busy having her picture taken and signing autographs, so she ordered Dan to run to the concession to get her something to eat! Next thing I knew, Dan was taking orders from all my girls and running errands. I was horrified, but yes amused. Dan could have very easily copped a diva celebrity attitude, but instead, he was thrilled that someone had the nerve to boss him around! That was Dan. So much for EAS or any other organization having the opportunity of hosting him at their booth ever again. Dan stayed with me from that moment on.

:: Continued ::

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