The Real Daniel Duchaine by Shelley Hominuk

:: January 2010 – Ten Years later and the Media’s Perception of Dan ::

January 2009 – This month is the nine year anniversary in which the world lost one of the most notorious experts in bodybuilding. I also lost a dear friend, Daniel Duchaine. I have sat back through the years and witnessed a media frenzy in speculation, inaccuracies, exaggerations, and down right sinful lies…

daniel duchaine copyrightIf I had a nickel for every reporter who came my way, each PROMISING that they would be the one to get the facts/story/details straight… or how many times I’ve been asked as to why I haven’t written a book…

I have remained quiet. I have respectfully mourned the loss of my friend and mentor, Dan. I personally knew, that he would have loved all the controversy and uproar and could care less what anyone thought they knew… after all, hearsay is entertaining.

But, biting my tongue as much as I have through the years, something did happen which really gave me an estrogen surge…

It wasn’t all the supplement companies, magazines, websites, nor those claiming to be Dan’s best friends, associates, partners, fellow experts, lovers. Whatever.

“…this book (Steroid Nation) must be true, as ESPN interviewed so many people who would be in the know…”

Yes, I was one of the people “interviewed” for this book, which is why I couldn’t be more perplexed as to how off it is (especially since I was interviewed in person and watched the author Shaun Assael take down notes).

This mofo didn’t want a boring story, he wanted an exciting read to make him out to be the Geraldo Rivera out in Desert Storm, going where no man would dare to go…


I KNOW the story line as it occurred and Steroid Nation doesn’t cut it. Not on Dan’s professional life, especially not on his personal life, nor on some of the other story situations mentioned.

I know the truth of what is, and what was. I’m still alive to say what is what. Is Dan?

Hearsay is entertaining…where is my nickel?

Ms Behav'n

S. L. Hominuk, web mistress of, nutritionist, author and publisher of many books including “Physical Enhancement with An Edge” brings 18 years of knowledge and experience to the health industry. “Ms Behav’n” also contributes to various websites, health and fitness magazines and can be heard on several radio shows throughout the United States and abroad. Ms B is well acquainted with many eastern/western physicians, researchers and owners of many of the dietary supplement companies. She is always on the inside track of the latest developments in health, diet and related issues – take a look through the website! You can often catch Shelley at many of the latest health and wellness seminars, fitness and bodybuilding shows.

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