In The Know by S. L. Hominuk

• The fact is that animals and human beings require about 90 nutrients between 45 & 60 minerals, 12 essential amino acids, 16+ vitamins, 3 essential fatty acids.

• That if you were subjected to such a random drug test, you will see that you have creatinine in your system which is a result of using creatine :::  Buffered Creatine ::  is not illegal and has been permitted even in international olympic committee games.

• Colloidal minerals are truly the most efficient way to get your minerals. You can absorb 98% of them. They are liquid. They have a small particle size. To give you a comparison: a red blood cell is 7 microns. A colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron (or less): that is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

• Minerals move around in our bodies through our blood, and we store minerals in our cells. The small size of colloidal minerals is ideal. The negative charge means they stay in solution or suspension- they don’t settle out. They are very, very absorbable.

• If you’re faced with a load of leftovers, package your leftovers into individual serving sizes and freeze them. This way, you have an instant feast to heat and serve – and you save valuable meal-preparation time! And remember, use your steamer or oven to reheat leftovers – not your microwave.

• That ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables are not fresh at all unless they are picked when ripe and eaten immediately. Yes, this is virtually impossible to accomplish now a days. Food goes through many processes before we have the chance to eat it, therefore, the nutrient content is substantially reduced. It is estimated that 80-95% of the micronutrients originally found in food are lost before we actually eat it*.

• Never thaw frozen poultry at room temperature. Instead place it in the refrigerator, cold water, or on defrost or thaw in the microwave.

• To keep eggs from losing moisture and absorbent odors, refrigerate them in their carton, not on the refrigerator door.

• Can’t remember whether an egg is hard-cooked or not? Throw it….. or spin it on the counter. If it spins smoothly and easily, it’s hard-cooked; if it wobbles, it’s raw. Or, if it is raw and smashes, you are SOL period.

• To remove skin from uncooked poultry, grasp it with a paper towel and pull.

• You should store fresh asparagus upright with cut ends in about 1 inch of water, or wrap cut ends in damp paper towels and place them in a plastic bag. You can refrigerate this for up to a week.

• When storing broccoli, be sure air can circulate around it. Storing it in a plastic bag will cause humidity to build up and decay will set in quickly. The same holds true for soiled socks and underwear (volunteered by my boyfriend FYI). Instead, wrap broccoli in a damp kitchen towel, or place it in a perforated plastic bag and refrigerate up to 3 days.

• For perfectly cooked fish, measure the fish at it’s thickest part. Cook 10 minutes per inch of thickness, 15 minutes if it’s enclosed in foil or baked in a sauce.

• Microwaving your food even if it is just to reheat water, can alter it’s molecular structure. What seems like a time-saving alternative is actually bombarding you with toxic by-products.

• Every time you nuke your leftovers, your food is bombarded with electromagnetic radiation. Atoms and molecules in microwaved food are forced to change polarity 1-100 billion times per second. If you’ve always thought nuking your food was safe — think again.

• When purchasing eggs, you should jiggle each one in the carton to be sure there one isn’t stuck because of a crack that you can’t see.

• Oil the grill rack to help keep food from sticking.

• To reheat cooked rice, place it in a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of water per cup of rice. Cover and cook over very low heat for about 5 minutes. You can also microwave in a covered bowl, 45 seconds to 1 minute per cup of rice, stirring occasionally.

• To rinse wild rice (a must before cooking it) place in a saucepan and cover with water. Scoop off the debris that floats to the top, drain the rice and proceed with the recipe.

Ms Behav'n

S. L. Hominuk, web mistress of, nutritionist, author and publisher of many books including “Physical Enhancement with An Edge” brings 18 years of knowledge and experience to the health industry. “Ms Behav’n” also contributes to various websites, health and fitness magazines and can be heard on several radio shows throughout the United States and abroad. Ms B is well acquainted with many eastern/western physicians, researchers and owners of many of the dietary supplement companies. She is always on the inside track of the latest developments in health, diet and related issues – take a look through the website! You can often catch Shelley at many of the latest health and wellness seminars, fitness and bodybuilding shows.

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