QFAC interview with Coach Jamie Hale

QFAC: Could you give the readers some information about the services you offer?

JH: I own Total Body Fitness in Winchester Kentucky. I also own MaxCondition.com and Winchester Golden Gloves Boxing. My gym is unique in its ability to offer a training environment for general fitness enthusiasts as well as serious athletes. I am equipped to deal with both. My gym includes kettlebells, agility ladders, Medicine balls, pulling sleds, Barrels, Olympic Weightlifting Platforms etc… Very few commercial gyms offer those training devices. My goal is to give the trainee effective tools and methods to work with. My goal is not to waste my money and time on fancy useless toys, which pollute the industry today. I also have designed a unique class that I offer to general fitness enthusiasts called MaxCondition 101. This class allows trainees to experience some of the training methods I use with competitive athletes. The class is toned down to meet the needs of the trainees. The class consists of everything from 7 year olds kids to 20-year-old bodybuilders. My Website MaxConditon offers numerous consultation services, supplements, training equipment, my book, and a large collection of articles relating to Sports Performance and general fitness. I am a contributor to numerous exercise and sports publications. I have written articles for two international publications and am the author of Optimum Physique. I am honorary member and adviser to K.I.C.K. ( Karate International Council of Kickboxing). I provide comprehensive strength and conditioning programs to athletes worldwide. I also conduct Camps and Seminars across the country.

QFAC: What type of methods do use as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist?

JH: This depends on the trainee. I very rarely use the exact formula for two individuals. My programs are based on scientific as well as in the trenches practical knowledge. My program for a housewife and a competitive bodybuilder will obviously vary greatly. Often you hear the term sport specific. I take this a step further and address individualization as well. Just because two people are both linebackers this does not mean they should have the exact same routine. They are individuals first. They have particular strengths and weaknesses. The main objectives as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist are to understand the motor qualities that are used in a particular sport. Understanding how to train these qualities is very important. Training weaknesses is a must. Weight training and jumping on a treadmill is simply not enough for competitive athletes. Agility, quickness, body awareness, speed, and flexibility training are also necessary. To be a good Strength and Conditioning Specialist you must do a great deal of research and be open minded.

QFAC: What is the difference in training a bodybuilder and a football player?

JH: There is a large difference in training these two athletes. A bodybuilder’s main objective is to look muscular and lean. It does not matter how quick they move or how fast or balanced they are. They do not need extraordinary agility. The main key in training bodybuilders is controlling their nutritional regimens. Training for physique is primarily metabolic in nature. When attempting to maximize hypertrophy use a wide array of movements and different rep speed as well. Attempt to stimulate as many muscle fibers as possible. I prefer to use high intensity cardio work as opposed to long bouts of low intensity work for bodybuilders. Sometimes low intensity work will be used to prevent overtraining. Low intensity cardio can also speed up recovery. Bodybuilders experience a great deal of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (hypertrophy due to an increase in mitochondria, sarcoplasmic fluid, and various enzymes.) This type of hypertrophy contributes little to force production. When training football players a wide scope of qualities needs to be addressed. Agility, quickness, speed, power, balance, body awareness are all-important to football players. Depending on the position and weaknesses of a particular person we stress different qualities. The biggest problem I see with most football players programs are there over reliance on absolute strength training and linear speed. They should be spending more time developing agility, quickness, and power.

QFAC: Do you prefer training a certain type of athlete?

JH: I prefer training athletes who will work hard regardless of their sport or background. The majority of athletes I train are combat athletes. These athletes are a special breed of people. Their sport is very intense and dangerous. You must be mentally prepared as well as physically. I also work with a great deal of bodybuilders and football players. I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to put forth effort.

QFAC: Do you have any camps or seminars coming up soon?

JH: Yes, in late March or early April I will be conducting a camp in Coeburn VA. This camp will be for local high schools. Coach Davies and I are planning a series of MMA Conditioning Camps, but we have not yet set a date. Anyone interested in hosting a camp visit my site at maxcondition.com.

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