Clear Proof of an FDA-Suppressed Cure by Michael Mooney

I just recently experienced something my heel surgeon had never seen before. He had always seen MRI’s of people who had such a serious problem that it required surgery, as was the case with my foot, either look the same or worse than the last MRI’s, which I had about nine months ago. The MRI’s of my 3-year old Achilles tendon tear in May showed that three ligaments that stabilize the foot were partially torn, as well as a 30 percent tear of the Achilles tendon, a bursitis and a stress fracture in the heel bone.

Damage to my foot apparently occurred because of stress caused by two 8-mile race-walks in two days in Central Park three years ago. I had no conditioning training, but knew that my heart and lungs could easily handle it. I was reminded how important conditioning is, especially for someone my age.

I was to have surgery for the ligaments. The ligament surgery would allow the Achilles to heal, too, but the MRI I had done showed that the ligaments and the Achilles tendon had healed, and surgery for them was not warranted anymore.

As I said, the surgeon had never seen this happen before. He said that my MRI should have shown the same damage or progression. I will still have surgery to clean the bone where the fracture caused a spur that irritates the tissue around it, but this is minor compared to the surgery I was going to have.

Over the last three years, I had tried every alternative treatment, as well as PRP injections, to avoid surgery. Nothing worked. A few months ago I started rubbing DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) on the torn areas of my foot three times a day. Most people have no memory or knowledge of DMSO, but I remember hearing all kinds of things about its amazing properties in the 1960s.

There was a big hubbub because while some people knew it worked for a variety of uses, including reducing inflammation in irritated parts of the body and “curing” serious problems with damaged tissues, FDA clearly did not want people to know about it.

Historically the FDA does not seem to like cheap, accessible things that actually “cure” health problems – go figure – so we soon saw the FDA and the US government trying to suppress information about DMSO and its use.

To read about it, Google: The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) by Barry Lynes. See also: The Persecuted Drug: The Story of DMSO by Pat McGrady.

Eventually, The FDA and US Government dismantled efforts to champion its use, so that people wouldn’t know it might save us billions of dollars because we wouldn’t need many different kinds of surgeries, anti-inflammatory medications and pain-killing drugs.

If you read the label on a bottle of DMSO, the FDA required statement is, “This product is sold as a solvent only. It is unlawful to represent in any way that it is useful or safe for medical use.”

It’s unlawful for me or the manufacturer of the product to talk about DMSO being useful, safe or having medicinal use? Why does our FDA uniquely think it has the authority to block our First Amendment rights?

Regardless of what FDA says, I will talk about what happened to me. I’m too amazed not to. Drug companies don’t want an inexpensive compound to take market share from them, so the FDA and the US government, acting in the interest of the drug companies worked to confuse people and bury information about what DMSO can do.

However, veterinary doctors know what it can do. It is widely used to treat tendinitis where multi-million dollar race horses are cared for. And horses don’t respond to placebos. Vets know it works and saves animals from euthanasia, which saves money. To read about DMSO’s use with race horses, Google “Western Horseman magazine April, 1996 DMSO.”

DMSO is a potent trans-dermal agent, so skin must be very clean as it will carry things on the skin or on hands through the skin rapidly. It can be purchased in some health food stores and on the internet. I only buy the ultra pure 99.99 percent DMSO, not the industrial grade products, which can contain adulterants. I put DMSO in a glass bottle and rub it on injuries and aches. I use it whenever something aches now.

To read more, Google “DMSO” and “DMSO as a solvent” or go to the site by the “Father of DMSO,” Dr. Stanley Jacob, former Chief Resident in Surgery: Harvard Surgical Service, Boston City Hospital.

According to Dr. Jacob, DMSO also has uses for herpes, interstitial cystitis, lupus, fibromyalgia, Neimann-Pick Disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s and more.

So please spread the word. You might help someone avoid surgery or just reduce their aches and pains, which can be wonderful all by itself.

michael mooneyMr. Mooney, has written for numerous publications about exercise, diet, and the progressive use of dietary supplements as well as having presented at over 150 lectures. Under his father’s mentorship Michael began to investigate progressive nutrition and nutritional therapies, and in 1977 they co-founded an organization to research nutrition and dietary supplements, lifestyle, and exercise as tools to improve health, intelligence and extend human lifespan. He co-authored a book about complementary medical options, such as nutritional and hormonal intervention for people living with HIV, called Built To Survive; Michael donates all profits to non-profit HIV research.

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