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Scientists use the term bioavailability to measure what’s absorbed by the body versus what’s wasted. Unfortunately in ordinary multivitamins, a great deal of the nutrients don’t benefit the body at all — because they’re not bioavailable. The scandal is that you would never know that by reading their labels. The label only shows what’s in the multivitamin; it gives you no idea how much is bioavailable. Many ordinary multivitamins use inexpensive processes and rely on additives. These processes can destroy the nutritional value of the supplements or render them unrecognizable to the body.

A basic problem is getting past the digestive system. Nutrients should be “chelated” or tied to another molecule which acts as an escort until it reaches the bloodstream. Because they are relatively expensive to license, they are rarely seen in most other multivitamins. This is why the half of Americans who take multivitamins aren’t noticeably healthier than the half that doesn’t. Many of them are taking ordinary vitamins that lack the range of nutrients their bodies need or low-price or discount vitamins that are less effective due to their processing methods and the limited bioavailability of their nutrients.

Synthetic vs Natural Folate: It is estimated that the practice of synthetic folic acid fortification has resulted in 15,000 additional cancers per year in the United States alone. However, other health concerns such as spina bifida and cardiovascular events have been significantly reduced because of folic acid fortification. A vast majority of nutritional supplement companies still use 100% folic acid in their supplement line, while a few use a blend of folic acid along with some level of natural folates. Others use methylated folates, such as 5-MTHF, in featured folate products only, while using folic acid in their multivitamins and formulary products. One can find others that claim they only use “whole food” nutrients, when in reality one can simply read their labels and see products that contain some amount of food mash combined with synthetic USP vitamins, often including folic acid. The synthetic form of FOLATE is not the ideal choice for nutritional supplement formulations as found in MOST ALL multivitamins!!!

Dream Protein by Wellness Watchers Ceautamed Worldwide LLC

Dream Protein

Gluten Free, Pesticide Free, hormone free, whey protein

Greens First Berry by Wellness Watchers Ceautamed Worldwide LLC

Greenfirst Berry

Alkaliz body with berry blend andioxdant mix

Greensfirst by Wellness Watchers Ceautamed Worldwide LLC

Green First

49 Superfood Alkalizing vegetable blend mix

Pro+ Cell Protect Broccoli

Cell Protect SGS

One capsule equals 500 grams of broccoli

Paleofiber by Designs for Health


Beyond Potent Super Antioxident

Emulsified Fish Oil by Designs for health

Emulsified EFA's

The most amazing EFA liquid you'll ever taste - bar none!

Ultimate back Relief for Back Pain

Ultimate Back Relief

Serious Reflief from Back Pain is HERE!

Bio-Inflammatory Plus by Biogenesis

Bio-Inflammatory Plus

Inflamation Reducer

Joint Support by Dr. Mauro DiPasquale

Joint Support IV

PostExercise, Joint and cartilage function

Liver Cleanse by Dr. Brenda Watson Advanced Naturals


Effactive Liver Detox

Colonmax by Advanced Naturals Dr. Brenda Watson


Bowel Movement Stimulator

Professional Grade Probiotic and Prebiotics

Ultimate Floramax 50 Billion

Superior Pre/Probiotic

Buffered Creatine

Creatine Excel

Buffered Creatine without nasty side effacts!

DHEA for hormone balance

DHEA 5 or 25 mgs

Natural Steroid Hormone for Men & Women

Natural Testosterone Booster Testoboost


Natural Steroid Hormone for Men & Women

Professional Grade Glutamine


Important for Exercise and so much more!

Whey Cool Protein by Designs for Health

Whey Cool Protein

Nondenatured, Gluten-free Hormone Free Whey Protein

Xanthomega Dark Krill Oil

XanthOmege Dark Red Krill Oil

with increased astaxanthin

Calcium Magnesium 2:1

Ultra Cal/Mag

chelated calcium & magnesium in the standard 2:1 ratio

Femguard Balance by Designs for Health


Female Hormone balancing

Libidio Stim-F by Designs for Health for female libido enhancement

Libido Stim-F

Increase Female Sextual and pleasure!

Best multivitamin

Ultra Multivitamin

Contains NATURAL FOLATE Learn the importance!

Treat Candida with Yeastmax by Advanced Naturals


Effactive 2-Partkit Candida Cleanse

Vitmain D 3 with Vitamin K

Vitamin D3 with K

Highly bioavailable 5000 IU's Vitamin K in both K 1& the MK-7 form of K2

Paleofiber by Designs for Health


Soluble/Insolubr Fiber Mixes & tastes AMAZING!

Paramax for parasite cleanse by Advanced Naturals


Parasite Cleanse

Amino Acids

Amino Acid Complete

Essential Amino Acids in Free-Form

Ultralean by Biogenesis


Improve Body Composition

Zymemax digestive enzymes by Advanced Naturals


Digestive Enzymes to Relieve Occasional Heartbum

Digestmax digestive enzymes by Advanced Naturals

DigestMax Ultra

Ultimate Digestive Enzymes

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