Nutrition Deficiency

Are You Sure That You Get All the Nutrition Your Body Really Needs?

Recent research indicates that most people in the US have at least one hidden deficiency of a major mineral, such as calcium or magnesium. Even if you are eating a “balanced” or healthy diet, your body could still lack vital and necessary nutrition! It is vital to make sure that you are taking chelated minerals and vitamins with natural folate.

ARE YOU DEFICIENT?  Take this easy survey! Check all that apply to you now or recently:

Group 1
 achy joint(s) a tendency for kidney stones heel spurs or other bone spurs twitches or facial tics receding gums gingivitis or pyorrhea insomnia spinal curvature premenstrual distress osteoporosis or Pagets’ disease bursitis or painful tendons cramps – in legs at night, at menstruation, etc. dental caries (cavities) hypertension / irritability arthritic conditions (gnarled knuckles, etc)

Group 2

 irregular heart beats constipation hyperactivity cold extremities or simply just cold a lot heart disease

Group 3

 pale and anemic looking recurrent yeast infections / candida parents or grandparents who had cancer liver problems, particularly cirrhosis muscular weakness and imbalance a smoking habit residence in a humid, high rainfall climate chronic tiredness anyone in your birth family with Cystic Fibrosis heart disease or family history of heart problems a strict vegetarian diet (no meat, eggs, milk) low resistance to infection a family history of cataracts

Group 4

 chronic tiredness frequent urination impotence menstrual distress alcoholism (are you in recovery?) dizziness upon standing or getting up always thirsty, or never thirsty infertility liver problems (difficulty with digestion) a parent/ grandparent who’s had Alzheimers’ a family problem with hypoglycemia or diabetes

Group 5

 premature graying of the hair wrinkles thin skin liver cirrhosis anemia sagging skin any family member who had an aneurysm arthritic conditions

Group 6

 a tendency to get infections residence in a polluted urban area a tendency to be anxious or nervous poor short term memory a smoking habit, small or large a cold or flu every year shallow breathing achy muscles a long time after working out get bruises which take a long time to heal sealed house or office with AC/heat year-round

Count up your checkmarks. If you checked 2 or more in a Group above, check off that group below, you may be deficient in that :: Mineral ::.

 Group 1: ::  Calcium :: Group 2: :: Magnesium :: Group 3:  Selenium Group 4: Chromium / Vanadium Group 5:  Copper Group 6:  Oxygen

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