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Vigel is a sexual enhancement gel for women. It is for all women from those who experience a loss of sexual desire to those who wish to become multiorgasmic. It increases feminine sexual excitement and pleasure. Vigel sex gel enhances female sexual arousal and satisfaction when applied directly to the clitoral area. Vigel for women is the hottest news just as Viagra has been for men! Vigel is the sex aid that men and women have been looking for!

Vigel sex gel is a nonprescription, topical gel that is applied directly to the clitoral area and dramatically increases feminine sexual arousal. This sex gel contains special ingredients including Menthol and the amino acid L-Arginine. The Menthol in Vigel instantly creates a delightful tingling sensation which usually lasts from one to two hours and can be applied as often as desired. The L-Arginine in Vigel dramatically enhances circulation and sensitivity in the clitoral area. Prior to sexual relations, a dime-size drop of Vigel is applied to the clitoris. Blood flow increases and the clitoris becomes more responsive as it is manually stimulated. During arousal the clitoris swells to four times it’s normal size, a process that normally takes about 20 minutes of foreplay. Vigel can cut that time in half! This topical sex gel is an orgasm in a bottle!

Vigel is a safe, topical gel which increases feminine sexual excitement and pleasure, as well as increases the frequency and intensity of women’s orgasms. It’s tingling sensation will not affect, nor be detected by the male, and has no taste so it does not interfere with any oral activity!

have passionate sex with Vigel

Vigel Topical Sex Gel is for every woman, whether you are multi-orgasmic or if you have trouble achieving climax, or whether you just want to increase the intensity, it will enhance your sexual experience more than you ever thought possible!

Vigel and the Nobel Prize in Medicine The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the discovery of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. Nitric Oxide is the basis for clitoral erection and excitement and ultimately female orgasm. L-Arginine causes the production of Nitric Oxide which in turn improves clitoral circulation and thus leads to increased physical pleasure even for those women who have already experienced a loss of sexual desire.

Recent double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical studies suggest that L-Arginine dramatically improves female sex drive and sexual relations, frequency of orgasms and clitoral sensitivity to stimulation (see below).

Vigel Scientific Evidence – Sexual Research Vigel has received rave reviews from women who have no sexual dysfunction but appreciate the product nonetheless because it helps them have more intense sexual excitement and frequent orgasms Vigel has demonstrated its true strength in the following double blind studies conducted on post-menopausal and sexually dysfunctional women. These groups also included women in general, who were experiencing inadequate, or unsatisfactory orgasms or inadequate frequency and/or intensity of orgasmic sexual satisfaction.

Summaries of Clinical Trials:

One study on L-Arginine was conducted on post-menopausal women with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder or FSAD. 75% of married women admit they have lost desire for sex and 46% of all women report never having achieved an orgasm. The study was designed to determine the effects on vaginal blood flow and sexual arousal of the Nitric Oxide-precursor L-Arginine (as well as other substances) on physiological responses to erotic stimuli in post -menopausal women who had experienced FSAD for at least 6 months.

The study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, three-way crossover clinical trial. Patients were 23 post-menopausal women who met DSM IV criteria for FSAD. The physiological sexual arousal of the subjects was measured by changes in vaginal pulse amplitude using a method called Vaginal Photoplethysmography.

The subjects were shown a neutral (non-sexual movie) as well as a film with sexual content. The degree of each subject’s sexual reaction to the neutral as well as to the sexual movie was measured by the Vaginal Photoplethysmography technology. Subjective sexual arousal was also gauged by using a Self-Report Questionnaire that was standardized for all woman involved in the trial.

The results of the Vaginal Photoplethysmography showed a rapid and significant increase in Vaginal Pulse Amplitude Response (meaning the subject’s degree of sexual stimulation) to the erotic film after the L-Arginine was administered as compared to the placebo group. The Self-Report Questionnaire yielded similar results. The study theorized that the mechanism responsible for the increase in sexual arousal was the body’s enhanced production of Nitric Oxide due to the administration of L-Arginine.

The increased Nitric Oxide release caused the women who were given L-Arginine to be significantly more stimulated by the erotic content of the sexual film as opposed to those subjects who received the placebo.

The results of another clinical study of L-Arginine were presented at the Ninth Annual Congress on Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine in Washington, D.C. The study indicated significant improvement in women’s sexual desire and overall satisfaction. In this double-blind placebo-controlled study, 93 women, ages 22-73, enrolled as participants lacking sexual desire.

Of the 93 women involved, 46 received L-Arginine and 47 received a placebo. The participants used a Female Sexual Function Index Questionnaire to rate their level of sexual health before starting the study and after taking either a placebo or the L-Arginine.

At the end of four weeks, 62 percent of the active group of women reported significantly improved satisfaction with their overall sex life and 64 percent reported an improvement in their overall level and intensity of sexual desire SEX RESEARCH – VIGEL WORKS!

93 women, ages 22-73, participated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to determine the effectiveness of the L-Arginine found in Vigel Sexual Enhancement Cream. 46 received L-Arginine, 47 received a placebo At the end of four weeks, the results follows: 62% were more satisfied with their sex lives and 64% felt more sexual desire while using Vigel!

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